New Vistas

I tend to have a lot of irons in the fire. That’s a cliche. My wife and I have a home in St. Paul. Which is where our ‘we’ started.  The road to our start wound throughout the Midwest, here and there, there and back again. To the mountains in the West, that oldest American past time; then back, again, once more, for good. Being in one place is tough. I run out of stationary energy. We do. We take trips. To the campground, to the cabin. To Smoky Mountain National Park this year. It’s not dramatic. Just that movement is to be prized, for its own sake. Maybe. Either way it’s a struggle to sit still.

This summer my wife and I will have our first child. Stillness will then, I imagine, be a thing of the past. Even if not, we’re not going to suddenly change our identity. So we say now. Tired, yes, but ourselves. In June we are expecting a little bouncing bundle. Two months later we’re headed for a week in Oregon mountains. Then a week in upstate NY. Baby in tow; let’s go. I can’t wait.

Writing follows this trajectory, too, which can be exhausting. I have a tendency to create new projects. A new blog, a new feature, a column? why not a novel?, the next blog, the next tumblr that’s going to make the internet realize not-obiographies are hilarious. Or were going to be, if I had done more than three. Can’t remember if that’s what they were even called.

The Third Ten Million Years is meant to slow this movement down.  Not a change of nature, nor a slowing of the desire for the world. Just an attempt to keep everything under the same umbrella. Just a new blog. A silly thing perhaps to connect all this to a blog, which is unserious inherently, or at most, lightly serious. But still.


Today my friend described me thus:

“You’re just a dude who loves new vistas. You’re like a sailboat. Always going in a direction and tacking to new ways to get there.”

I am moved by that. This is what I want to do; hopefully I can I can continue on the path to a unknown but and meaningful destination, while always seeking new ways to get there.

Anyway. Welcome to Third Ten Million Years.


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