no, Discovery Institute, Intelligent Design is still not science

I came across this exchange on (via Phil Plait) Twitter, and had to share it.

The Discovery Institute pushes vanguard of anti-science, anti-evolution education, and has long endeavored to get creationism into the science classes of America’s schools. Chiefly, they have done this by making up a fake science out of religious belief–first called Creation Science, now called Intelligent Design–then suing to get their “science” into Science classrooms. I hold their efforts in very low esteem. Not because of the belief in creation, mind you, but because of their continued insistence on calling religion “science,” calling science non-science, and generally working to de-educate the world.

Anyway. To the point. The Discovery Institute, intending to release a new book on some bullshit about how Evolution is wrong, contacted the scientist, teacher and blogger Callan Bentley for permission to use one of his lovely photographs. Said DI’s media relations specialist Andrew McDiarmid, “I’d like to offer you $100 and a complimentary copy of the book in return for permission to use the photo.” Presumably Mr. McDiarmid makes such requests frequently, though I can’t imagine any good scientists lending their work to such an anti-science organization.

Messr. Bentley, in response, clarifies the problem:

Thanks for your interest.

I hold the Discovery Institute in the lowest regard, and it sounds like the new book will be a further perversion of reason in the name of pseudoscience. As a science educator, I could never support such an effort! I will not grant reproduction rights to any of my photos or drawings to any creationist effort such as the one you describe here.

Best wishes for your good health, and the speedy demise of the sham institution that employs you.

Being unwilling to give the other the last word, the tete-a-tete continued, with Andrew of the Discovery Institute claiming ID as a scientific revolution, and reminding us all, “scientific revolutions don’t get welcomed in gladly.” Eventually, Bentley ceases the email conversation in favor of a concise take down of the notion that Intelligent Design is, in anyway, science.

If such things are of interest, read the whole entry. It’s worth it.


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