A woman’s body is obscene, now tune in to The Following.

I think nudity should be allowed, everywhere, including network television. This might not be popular, or might be a sign of hippy nonsense. I don’t care. Such an argument is not one of sexual desire, but of simple biology, reality, pride. Really, what is the big deal? Putting naked bodies on television, on billboards, in rallies and parades, bodies of all sizes and shapes, could have a positive impact on the very real and damaging body issues that are so prevalent in women and men around our country. It would also allow us to realize we all got the same bits and pieces, and they come all  in different shapes and sizes, and guess what, the world still turns. Why promote shame in our selves by continually hiding away the most fundamental identities of the human body?

Of course this will never happen. Because by some arbitrary designation, it has been decided that a woman’s nipple is to be feared and shunned and hidden from all public life. You remember what happened when the world realized, for about 1 second, that Janet Jackson had nipples. Apocalypse ensued. Wardrobe malfunction became a household term. The nip-slip became a high-stakes game of tabloid hide and seek, and the campaign against the lady-nipple rose to new heights, a campaign that continues today in efforts to restrict breast-feeding, among other campaigns (a fight that breast-feeding is winning, thank heavens). How dare a human body interrupt the loving peace and quiet of American families enjoying 22 men ramming their skulls into each other for 4 hours. Gasp!

It’s gotten so bad that one  lawmaker is seeking to outlaw and criminalize the female nipple. Yes. That little baby nurturing bit of body on the breast. We all have them, but if you’re female, well, yours are the worst.  The length that individuals go to expose everything but that little nipple are just astonishing. Don’t even think about showing something like a nipple on network television. On television, a woman’s body is not meant to be admired, it is meant to be mutilated for our viewing pleasure. Because we say so, us men, us producers of laws and television. We can’t get enough violence. But we are still terrified of your boobs.






4 responses to “A woman’s body is obscene, now tune in to The Following.

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