Djesus. Who is this Djesus?

Saturday Night Live is having a great season. If you’re not watching it, I’d recommend starting. The new cast members have added tremendous value (a few great cast members were dire additions), especially Cecily Strong . She’s great, and the writers are coming around to recognize Ms. Strong’s durability. See:  the girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with. Come on. Actually. The recent female cast member additions in general are killing it.

But this isn’t a celebration of the new cast. On last night’s episode, hosted by Christoph Waltz, was a bit of comedy Third Ten Million Years was made to make a late night comment upon. I have a tendency to have fun with, well, the Church. I have no trouble with Jesus. Frankly I’m quite a fan of his. But on the whole, I currently hold a distaste for the organization that carries his name.  Just last week I found myself in some trouble for a joke at the expense of the  method of choosing a new Pope in Catholicism, which led to a series of comments between peers. It went sour, and a dear dear friend found me in contempt. Granted, I may have deserved it. It wasn’t classy;  harmless, maybe blasphemous. Either way, not really worth much more than a moment.

It was no Djesus Uncrossed.

Unsavory, tasteless, wild, exuberant blasphemy. And Christoph Waltz killing a bunch of Ro.Mans. I am sure there are culture and television critics making something of this that will add a dynamic response to SNL’s take on Quentin Tarantino’s take on Christ’s revenge on the Romans. I don’t have one. Here, we’re just fans of smart, if offensive and easy, comedy, which Huffington Post insightfully describes as “sure to offend many Christians.” As always, thanks for keen reportage, Huffsters.


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