an Ann Coulter post on a liberal blog. surprise.

When Ann Coulter says “liberals want to destroy the family so that you have only one loyalty, and that is to the government,” an entire room full of self-described libertarians laughs at her. Such a stance against gay marriage–that it is a statist plan used by liberals to create dependence on government -can truly only be met with disbelief. It’s one thing to oppose marriage equality, but entirely another to reach such depths of paranoia. I don’t know exactly who Ann Coulter speaks for these days (some version of the Republican Party, I suppose), but its worth watching this video to see how the remnants of 2002 neo-conservatism look in 2013: crazy. Iraq was a “magnificent war”? Really? I didn’t know that even supporters still said things like this.

Also, I didn’t know all libertarians were pussies, Ann. Keep up the classy work.


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