Changing the climate in hyper-speed.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“The research shows that a one-degree temperature variation that took 11 millennia to occur since the end of the last major ice age has now been replicated in 150 years, since the early days of the Industrial Revolution.”

That’s right. What took “natural cycles,” that favorite term of the denier, 11,000 years to accomplish, we humans managed in 150. The rate of change is unparalleled.

“The study, conducted by researchers from Oregon State University and Harvard University and funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, also looks to shed light on a crucial question: Is the spike in global temperature recorded in the past 150 years unusual—the result of greenhouse-gas emissions from human activity—or can it be explained as natural, long-term variations in temperature?
The study points to human activity as the cause, because of the suddenness of the shift in temperature which appears to be out of whack with long-term trends.
“What’s different is the rate of change,” said Shaun Marcott, a paleoclimatologist at Oregon State University and lead author of the paper. “What we’ve seen over the past 150 years is much greater than anything we saw in the past 11,000 years.”


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