no fences around the table

Last night I attended a lovely wedding. The kind where the bride is glowing, the groom gushing, and everyone in the room can feel at peace about a love that is obvious. During the ceremony, the bride and groom, along with the Reverends conducting, offered communion to the gathered. Breaking the bread, the Pastor welcomed everyone to partake, saying: “There are no fences around this table.”

It was a beautiful statement, full of symbol and sentiment appropriate for a gathering of different communities of loved ones that come out to support a new marriage. I can’t shake the line from my mind today. It was a warm and welcoming opportunity to break bread together; I took the bread and wine with my wife, and it meant something. Communion may not be my ritual anymore, but I do believe in ritual, and symbols and words and love. And where better do symbols and love combine to remind us of our shared human community than at a wedding?

Take down the fences around your table.


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