Does DC really think Politico is a meeting worth taking?

A quick follow-up note on House of Cards.


The show’s central relationship appears to be that between Congressman Frank Underwood and political journalist/blogger Zoe Barnes. They create a mutually beneficial relationship of sharing information and sex. Anyway. Zoe works for the Washington Herald–a clear stand-in for the Post– as the show opens, but she wants to blog and scoop and move past the metro pages. She is filled with discontent and looking for freedom and power and enriched media opportunities, etc.

The following exchange takes place:

Zoe: If I were to say Politico wanted to hire me, what would you say? 
Frank: That would pique my interest.
Zoe: Six months from now, Slugline will be what Politico was a year and a half ago.
Frank: If freedom and exposure are what they’re offering, I would say that is a meeting worth taking.

That’s pretty close, anyway. I don’t have it in front of me. Later, we see the Slugline offices, where “young” people with “laptops” sit on pillows on the floor, or in high-chairs at high-top tables, “working”. When I saw this, I actually had to pause the show and bitch to my wife about this portrait.

But I admit, I’m not in DC. I’m just a policy and politics man from the dreaded “middle west,” as they say (apparently). But here in the Midwest, we think Politico is TERRIBLE. It’s garbage faux-insightful reporting, providing “inside baseball” that actually has nothing insightful to offer. It offers no facts (someone totally indicated that some person might possibly seek some office, oooooh), only “conversations about”. Politico is dispensable journalism, typified, and its not even interesting and dispensable like Gawker. Is the desire of young up-and-coming journalists in Washington, DC really to work at the next Politico?

House of Cards seems to pride itself on its own savvy of US Politics, D.C. political and media culture, etc. Are they getting it right? Or am I simply out of touch, way out here in the middle west?

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