taking the bait from crazy Earth destroying oil lovers

Representative Steve Stockman, from Texas, America, is apparently out to enjoy his afternoon through a proud GOP tradition: baiting liberal environmentalists by demonstrating an outrageous nonsensical commitment to destroying the earth.

Well, it’s working.

Here’s Representative Stockman, on Twitter:


Also tweeted:


It’s always reassuring to see our elected officials demonstrate a comprehensive ability to think critically about nuanced and complicated issues such as balancing human interaction with the natural environment, a skill required to make difficult decisions that will benefit both the earth and its inhabitants.

Anyway. As a liberal environmentalist, I wanted to take a minute to say I do in fact love science, humans, and progress. Almost as much as I love the fact that humans live on the earth at all, able to enjoy science and progress, without endangering that privilege by continuing to destroy our future. In fact, it is my love of science, humans and progress that has taught me to act wisely, and not wreak havoc on our home in a never-ending pursuit of oil.

Finally, I disagree that about the best thing about earth being the holes we’ve poked in it for oil, though it’s true that we’ve all benefited immensely from such poking.  I think rather the best thing about the Earth is that no matter how many holes we poke in it, no matter how creatively we try to destroy it, the Earth lives on with resilience. Continuing to live on Earth will require a calm reflection that is seemingly alien to human wrecking balls like yourself.

more: Climate Progress: GOP Congressman: ‘The Best Thing About The Earth Is If You Poke Holes In It Oil And Gas Come Out.”


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