mandate madness: you must buy a gun but not really

“The City Council in Nelson, Georgia voted unanimously to require every household to have a gun and ammunition, unless the residents of the household opt out.”

Nice work, Nelson, Georgia. You played the oldest trick in government: mandate residents to own guns in order to keep intruders and bad folks at bay. Which is way better and legal-er than mandating health care. Odds are, that gun will never be used in self-defense. If it’s used, its likely to kill a resident of the home. Still, good thinking, Nelson, Georgia.

Not everyone of course will have a gun because “the new ordinance includes a lot of exemptions, including people with a physical or mental disability, convicted felons and people who conscientiously oppose gun ownership.”

So basically, the city did nothing but say, hey you must buy a gun unless you are mentally ill, or a felon, or just don’t want to. Isn’t that just, you know, existing gun law?

“The ordinance is primarily meant as a statement in favor of gun rights and ownership.” Another option, Nelson, Georgia, rather than passing a mandate to buy something, would have been passing a statement in favor of gun rights and ownership.  Of course, such a move would not have won the news coverage.


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