hell-mouth in Turkey discovered? Call Buffy.

I love Buffy. But I never thought we would need Buffy. Well, once more, I’m wrong.

A hell-mouth has been discovered in a cave in Hierapolis, Turkey. A team of Italian archaeologists found Pluto’s Gate, “an ancient pilgrim site considered the entryway to the underworld.” Also called the Plutonium (which is awesome), the gateway to hell was featured in speeches by Cicero and other really old guys.

Pluto’s Gate was apparently known to be a pathway to Hades because things had a tendency to die when they encountered it. This confirms either the existence of a new hell-mouth for which a Slayer will need to be called to protect humanity from an unending stream of demon invaders, or that there are high levels of toxic gases emitted through the geology.

Either way, oh shit.

the seal to the hell-mouth in the Sunnydale High Library

Pluto’s Gate, Turkey.


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