that which we control.

We humans think we matter in the cosmic shape of things.

That the world turns beyond our control we have all always, intrinsically, known. Time passes and space expands and the solar system spins oblong, the continents separate and mountains rise and fall. All of which occurs without any regard for us. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t stop the world turning.

This is not a lesson in human insignificance. It’s about luck. Good fortune. Humans are lucky because there are humans on this planet. The goop of time and pressure did not have to evolve the micro into our species, did not have to create life at all. We did not have to be here, and yet by no effort but that which is beyond our control, here we are.

Here we are. Lucky to exist, happy to be in love, and too eager to blow each other up. Of this last part, I’m getting tired.

It’s a struggle of late to know why we take the little corner of the universe we have been gifted, a beautiful and magnificent place capable of providing for all of us and plenty more if we don’t hoard it for our own, and lay our plans to spoil it for one another. The constant killing runs contrary to the river of time, which runs slowly and, somehow, gave us life. Now we are damming the river and in the process ourselves.

Do we need return to our start? To lessons learned as children and long since forgotten: be good, don’t hit, be nice to one another.  Empathize and act human. For fuck’s sake, make the world better, not worse. That’s it. This is the only thing, literally, that matters.

There are people that I love all over this earth just trying to live. Those people have enough joy and sadness and excitement and worry to last a lifetime, without the weight of our constant killing coming to bear upon them as well.

Seems like we are overreaching. In an effort to shape the things that we do not control we end up risking everything we are by chance capable of enjoying. We control only those things that we control, and that is not very much. We’re lucky to be here, on this planet, and it starting to look possible that such luck can run out.


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