(not really a) summer movie preview

I have been browsing the summer movie previews, because I love movies. All kinds of movies. I love them so much.

But I’ve been surprised when reading one snarky synopsis after another, and watching trailer after trailer after trailer (which I love doing), to find myself drawn to an unexpected preview in the cornucopia of summer blockbuster previews.

So it has happened that among the vast trailer bin of the Iron Man sequel, and Superman reboot, and Star Trek lens fair fest, and Zombies vs.  Brad Pitt vehicle, and Will Smith Special Effects Spectacular, and Wolverine Nonsense (again?), and Stoner Apocalypse Comedy (yes, please), Hangover part 12, Baz doing Leo doing Gatsby (in 3D?) and a Lone Ranger that borders on racist, the movie that most excites me features some teenage girls robbing mansions in the Hollywood Hills.

This, if you are not familiar, is Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring. Bling Ring is the true story of rich white girls robbing even richer celebrities. You may remember the story from a few years back. I’m very excited about Bling Ring.

First, Sofia Coppola is one of those filmmakers, you know? Her films are generally pretty boring, and yet I always find them worth the effort. She’s like 1999-2009 David Cronenberg. Even when terrible, rarely are their films a waste of 2 hours. And occasionally, there’s a History of Violence or Lost in Translation thrown in to the mix.

Second, Bling Ring stars Emma Watson. Watson was and will always be Hermione Granger. But she was also dynamite in Perks of Being a Wallflower, in a role that could have been unwatchably boring. She aptly plays a high-schooler with the unenviable job of breaking down the idealization of the female object of teenage desire. I was impressed by her acuity in playing the feminine desirable, and think she’s going to be a real and capable star.

Anyway. Here’s the Bling Ring trailer.

Watching Watson speaking to the press about the “huge learning lesson,” and opportunity to grow into a spiritual human being, (“I want to lead the country one day, for all I know”) makes my heart sing.

It’s very possible that Bling Ring will be terrible. In the vast array of summer blockbuster trailers, it looks shallow, overly hip, desperate for attention, socially awkward, and, most importantly, unusual and compelling.


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