early American cannibals.

This story interests me, as I have much studied and written about the Jamestown colony: both the catastrophic failure of its early settling and later its rebounding after that winter of ill repute.

It appears that the first archaeological evidence of cannibalism from the Starving Time at Jamestown has been found. Here’s the NY Times:

Archaeologists excavating a trash pit at the Jamestown colony site in Virginia have found the first physical evidence of cannibalism among the desperate population, corroborating written accounts left behind by witnesses. Cut marks on the skull and skeleton of a 14-year-old girl show that her flesh and brain were removed, presumably to be eaten by the starving colonists during the harsh winter of 1609.


This is a sad discovery, even these years later. The poorly run colony of Jamestown never had a chance when it was first created, and the thought of this young girl being eaten by her elders makes my stomach recoil even these 400 years later.

The record of that time in Jamestown is one of sheer, absolute horror. You can find some of it here: Turning my Church Helmet to American History.


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