Playing the Netflix field

At the TTMY house these days, the wife and I are struggling to find our way into a new television program.  We had House of Cards, and found it wonderfully engaging. Then we had Walking Dead, which was even better (at least the first 2 seasons). Both of those programs pull you through them. Single-narrative cliff-hanging TV shows that require constant and devoted viewing.

But now, we are caught up. And the fevered race through those too brief shows has left us wanting.

We tried to watch Fringe. It’s our kind of sci-fi goodness slash drama of the human blah blah. Fringe is good. We like it. But it’s an FBI show, episodic and slow to start. I don’t doubt it will be worth the effort when we have the impulse to see it through. Which is not now.

We’re awaiting a baby, soon soon he shall make his way to the outside world, and we don’t have time to wade into the fold of a complicated weaving of science-fiction and madness and all those things J.J. loves, just to find out if we are going to commit. No time to find if it pays off in it’s one-crime-at-a-time while building our intrigue around the pattern.

Fringe is on hiatus.

We’ve now watched two episodes of West Wing. I never saw West Wing. Sorkin’s big hit started the same fall I started college. So. Yeah. I heard it was great, but watching TV was not something I did in college. Ever. (except for Jeopardy, which I watched a lot of after class before the dining center).

The pilot episode of West Wing is both very good, and very familiar. It’s a doe-eyed vision of the liberal political soft-focused pleasantville world of goodness.  What’s not to love? The second episode, too, was solid. We might give the show a try. But I wonder if it, too, will suffer from our ravenous appetite. Will it pull us along, as we wish to be pulled? Or will our hunger for movement sacrifice what is surely another worthy piece of television created by patient story-tellers with a plan?

Anyway. We’re waiting for Breaking Bad to end before we start that up. Which is coming to an end soon, as I understand it. The Wire is not on Netflix, which keeps us from that one (I’m somewhere in the 70s right now on the waiting list for season 1 at the SPPL). Same with season 2 of Game of Thrones.

So, friends, what should the TTMY household watch? The little bundle of joy-and-stuff comes at the end of May/beginning of June. And as such, we want something that pushes us into the mix ASAP. Tell us what to do.


2 responses to “Playing the Netflix field

  1. We’ve just arrived at the other end of the tunnel-without-tv-due-to-baby as our youngest is now 3. I have a big black hole in life where popular culture once stood that spans about 5 years.

    TV in New Zealand is very boring and I haven’t heard of any of those programs other than West Wing. Now we just watch shallow comedies: Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Miranda. Before kids we were watching Foyle’s War, a fabulous drama set during WWII.

    • We were recommended Foyle’s War, and watched the first episode. We loved it, but it’s too long for casual watching.
      two hour episodes aren’t convenient for wrapping up an evening. perhaps a weak excuse. but we’ll stick to it.

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