End Marriage ≠: Minnesota, do the right thing.

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee passed a measure by voice vote to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota, and sent the bill to the floor. Tomorrow, the full House of Representatives will be voting on the same. Speaker Thissen said previously in the session that he would not bring marriage equality to the floor unless it had the votes to pass. Gov. Mark Dayton has said that he would sign a same-sex marriage bill if it landed on his desk.

So here we are in Minnesota, poised, potentially, to pass through our legislature an end to another inequality in our laws. We can bring legal, equal marriage to those who want it, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Doing so will be a justice well deserved.

This is not done of course, and it could derail at any point. Politics is politics, gay marriage is not an easy vote in many districts around Minnesota, and no crystal ball knows what can happen in American politics.

Still, the possibility of bringing marriage equality to Minnesota makes my heart swell with pride. It was only a 7 months ago that our state came together to protect Minnesota from moving backwards and defeated a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. That effort not only failed, but assisted, I think, in returning our state government to a full DFL majority willing to to make the argument for same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

That failed attempt to ban gay marriage will hopefully be only a blip in our rear-view mirror by the end of the week, as our elected state officials do what is right, now, and extend the rights of marriage to all Minnesotans.

I love Minnesota, as much as any place on this earth. Here’s a chance to make Minnesota even better. Why wouldn’t we take it? Do the right thing, folks.

Tell them it’s time, here:



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