Scenes from a rally: MN House debates Marriage Equality

The Minnesota House of Representatives is debating same-sex marriage as we speak. I wrote about this yesterday, and made it clear I support marriage equality. I hope MN does the right thing, and we join those 11 states that have paved the way towards a more equal union.

Today, though, I visited the rally that is taking place in the Minnesota capitol. Here’s a few pictures.

582348_10152452013225604_672804008_nLeif Erickson oversees all our proceedings.


And State Troopers.


From the third floor of the rotunda, looking down on the intermingling of supporters and opponents.


In MN, we don’t separate Yes and Nos. They stand side by side, hold their signs, and shout their piece.

IMAG0562Opponents, with incredible arm strength, pointing to a quote on the capitol wall: “Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. –O’Connell”



IMAG0567And my own sign.

It’s a tearful scene of the values of American Democracy taking place in our statehouse. On my way out of the building, I shared an elevator ride from the third floor rotunda down to the ground with a couple, visiting the capitol. They were opponents of the bill, wearing “One Man One Woman” shirts. I had my “Freedom to Marry” sign. We chatted about what a great thing it is to see so many come out to play their civic part. As I turned to leave and they turned to the cafeteria she said: “Okay well, have a nice day.”

They were lovely. But wrong on this one.

Marriage for all.


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