Planting Day, 2013

Saturday past we planted the garden. And once again, the pay-off will be delicious.

The day started at the Local Resource Hub plant pick-up. We picked up our share, ventured out into the rain.


As the Lady of the House is 9 months pregnant, she managed the effort from the directors chair, doling out orders to the help.


This year’s raised beds include: various tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapeno peppers, chocolate bell peppers, ancho peppers, egg plant, broccoli, cukes, acorn and butternut squash, various greens (mesclun, spinach, lettuce, etc.), and I’m forgetting a few things right now. And the raspberries that grow on the chain-link fence.


This in addition to our returning rhubarb and strawberry patch, and the snap peas, green beans, other bean I’m forgetting, which will grow on the poles (we have one bean pole, and are using standard tomato supports for the others). Also, an herb garden for, well, herbs.


Makes for a delicious summer and fall. I also planted a couple of trees (two Colorado Blue Spruce and one Fragrant Lilac) in some starter-planters. We’d like to put another tree in the front yard, across from the cherry blossom. We’ll see how that goes.

Of course, the question of the year will be: how a newborn (whenever you’re ready, bub) will impact the results of the garden. We shall see.

Afterwards, we found Luna in a box.



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