lists-and movie GIFs

I have decided to make a series of lists. As a practice, I’ve tried to avoid the list, and have spoken ill of the general movement towards list-ism that has overtaken the internets (thanks Buzzfeed). But, even so, I have previously succumbed myself. Such as this list which ranks the Harry Potter films (spoiler: Deathly Hallows p.1 is my fave, and I stand by it).

Anyway. I’ve since come around to the value of keeping blogged lists of this or that subject. The more the work I’m doing elsewhere, the more handy and organized my thoughts on things will already be. Right?


To start, there is potential project elsewhere which has me thinking much about great sci-fi properties. Look for top 5 sci-fi TV shows coming soon.

Until then, here’s my five favorite movie GIFs. I don’t make GIFs. But I love them. And a great GIF is all about capturing that special magic-something. When you see a great one that cuts to the heart of the matter, you know it. I’ve seen only a fraction of the world’s cinematic GIFs. But of those, these are my fave, chosen from movies I love.

5. Back to the Future


4. Alien alienripley

3.  Princess Mononoke

2. Harry Potterhogwartsburns

1. 2001 (this is the greatest GIF of all time. period).2001


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