baby names, like North and Apple, are better than Madison or Brayden

This is Friday non-sense, but having had a son recently, and had a months-long running discussion with Mrs. TTMY on what we should call him, my ears have perked over the latest celebrity baby name kerfuffle.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past 10 months thinking about baby names. And I want to say, I think North West is actually a pretty awesome name. It sounds smooth and fluid in the pronunciation (say it out loud a couple times); it also directly references one of the top 3 regions of the US. So, what’s the gripe? North is unique but not, like, bat-shit crazy. In the tradition of names like Forrest, Leaves, Terra, and other earthy names, North is not too bad.

It’s certainly better than Apple. Or Moon Unit. Or, for god’s sake, Audio Science. I mean, celebrities, right?

Actually, I don’t mind those names. Sure, they’re strange (Audio Science is bat-shit crazy); but at least these folks are trying.  If you’re going to disregard tradition, swing for the fence. Because, and I don’t mean to offend you or your beloved child, North West is far superior to what’s topping the list these days.

Take Addison, or Madison. Brayden, Jayden and Cayden. Nobody really likes those names, I tell myself, but there they are year after year, topping the lists. I know these are just names. And they signify nothing of the individuals who bear them since children have no determining input in the name they receive. I’m trying not to be a dick. But still, these names are lame-o. Milquetoast. At least Milquetoast would be interesting, provide character. I would of course never judge a person by the name they are given (except maybe someone named Princeton). But as names, I judge them, and they are wanting.

Anyways. North West is a good name. My son’s name is better, obviously.  But that’s for me to judge. And I’m a smug judge.


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