more Hidden Maya worlds revealed?

Lotta posts going up today, as I’m curating some old content into TTMY, and updating the Featured page with some very old stuff. Got to keep track.

Anyway. Here’s a story I like: Enormous, ancient Maya city found in Yucatan jungle. It’s pretty amazing to think such things are still being discovered.

“Poring over satellite photos of remote Mexican jungle areas, scientists believed they saw hints of an ancient Maya city hidden in the foliage. And on Friday, a group of archaeologists led by Ivan Sprajc announced they’d visited the area and made an incredible find. Crumbling, palatial ruins cover 54 acres of land in this western Yucatán region, including the remains of buildings, ceremonial sculptures, and stele (rock monoliths) covered in writing. Sprajc dubbed the city Chactún, and he and his team believe it was inhabited during the late classical period of the Maya civilization, roughly 600-900 AD.”

We don’t know yet everything.

Maya are on the brain, as the Science Museum of Minnesota just opened their biggest exhibit ever, Maya’s Hidden Worlds Revealed. A dear friend worked for a long long time to make the exhibit as great as it is.  The title is apt, as even more of that hidden world is now revealed.

More at Live Science: Ruins of Maya City Discovered in Remote Jungle 


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