Top 5 childhood nostalgia lists that I’ll never complete (including #1 of each)

5. Top 5 ’80s songs that would never be written today:

  1. Do They Know it’s Christmas Time?

4. Top 5 strangest animated TV shows I sort of remember fondly despite being too old for such things:

  1. Klutter (does anyone else remember this show? About the electrified pile of dirty laundry that played with the kids? What the Fuck?)

3. Top 5 ’90s movies you forget about, but when reminded immediately recall how much you love them:

  1.  Angus

2. The 5 most difficult 8-bit Nintendo games you didn’t know how to beat until you spent an entire summer committed to the challenge:

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (that swimming and de-fusing bombs level? come on.)

1. Top 5 Rap albums that were wildly inappropriate for young kids in suburban Minnesota, but that you loved, and still love

  1. The Predator, Ice Cube. (Some may say this should be The Chronic. But it isn’t. Sheltered white kids all across America found rap music thanks to The Predator. We weren’t the audience then, and are probably not now. But this record is. so. awesome.)


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