when does Cardinal Dolan lose his job?

More and more comes out to the public about just how hard the Catholic Church has worked to protect itself and its assets from the consequences of their own behavior.

I believe in a world in which we should be good to one another, and try our damnedest to right wrongs where we see them. Seems like simple statements that we can largely agree upon. But in this Church, those who covered scandal remain in power. Even when that scandal was the rape of children. So when a Cardinal of the Catholic Church turns out to have been lying, and lying, and lying about his role in such a scandal, shouldn’t he, at the least, be fired?

When Cardinal Dolan, the current archbishop of New York, was the archbishop of Milwaukee in 2007, he wrote a letter to the Vatican explaining that he moved $57 million into a cemetery trust fund for ” improved protection of these funds from any legal claim and liability.” He has said countless times he didn’t do that. Here’s a letter he wrote to the Vatican saying he did.

He might belong in prison, but at the least he should not keep his job.

From the NY Times: 

“Cardinal Dolan has been regarded by many Catholics as part of the solution. In public appearances, he has expressed personal outrage at the harm done to children, apologized profusely and pledged to help the church and the victims heal.
But the documents lift the curtain on his role as a workaday church functionary concerned with safeguarding assets, persuading abusive priests to leave voluntarily in exchange for continued stipends and benefits, and complying with Rome’s sluggish canonical procedures for dismissing uncooperative priests who he had long concluded were remorseless and a serious risk to children. In one case, the Vatican took five years to remove a convicted sex offender from the priesthood.”

Curious that it took only 5 weeks to approve the transfer of $50 million, but somehow they managed to take 5 years to remove a rapist from the priesthood.

It seems that in a church which sees in its order the work of God, these acts would not be allowed. And yet, no matter what  revelations come forth, leaders remain in positions of power, firm in their foundation that God has imbued them with the power they have wielded.


4 responses to “when does Cardinal Dolan lose his job?

  1. Do you even know Cardinal Dolan? Do you know why you have singled him out with such sparse information? Think about it. What interest do you have, personally, without validated facts, to just decide to libel Cardinal Dolan out of 7 billion people in the world, many of whom are actual criminals, rapists, murderers, wife-beaters, pedophiles, cheaters, God-haters, terrorists and so on? You would be better off focusing on some actual criminals and those who seek to harm innocent people. Please.

    • I don’t know him, no. I guess any libel comes from years of reportage from the NY Times.
      I feel OK with thinking he should be fired. If you say you did not do something you did do, that seems reasonable to me. And when it comes to putting kids in danger, even more so.
      Anyway. Thanks for reading.

      • Well, many people who are falsely accused say they did not do something which the accuser says. That is why I asked you if you even know Cardinal Dolan (and the actual facts surrounding his case).

        • He wasn’t falsely accused of moving money and shielding priests. We know he did that. He should be fired for it. That’s pretty reasonable to me.

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