US no longer fattest, still pretty fat

The US has lost its first-place status in one of the defining national characteristics of our 21st century identity. As CBS reports: Mexico takes title of “most obese” from America.

(Side note: CBS, it drives me NUTS when our media refer to the United States as America, even more so when Mexico is in the same breath. Get it together).

There’s little good news in this title change, though. I doubt that the US has gotten any healthier. The rest of the developed world is just catching up. “While it might currently lead the waddling pack, Mexico is hardly alone. People in the United States and other wealthy countries are about as fat. And those in other developing countries also are packing on the pounds as rural families abandon the land, urban jobs grow less physically taxing and processed food high in saturated fats, sugar and additives goes on the table.”

I’m no purist about the body. We should celebrate all shapes and sizes, and know that the “ideal” in this country is far from healthy. But that’s little reason to encourage unhealthy behavior. Obesity and diabetes and heart disease, the consequences of our diet and lifestyle are laid bare before us everyday.

Perhaps it’s time to exercise? Perhaps we ought to eat more food, and less “food like products?” Or, maybe this is just the next phase of the human experience, on our journey to the stars.



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