some makers of sci-fi want you to expect more

Posted over at Hothouse this morning: Genre Men of Dignity.

The piece is in response to this totally and absolute-cute video of Riley Maida, the 6-year old who can’t find Black Widow action figures or Avengers underwear for girls. Her plea is serious, though, when it cuts down to the core: our sci-fi and fantasy work too often reinforces stereotyped gender roles, and that message flows all the way down to the toys in the store and the clothes for kids.

Luckily, there are a few good men working in sci-fi/fantasy who have been addressing these very issues quite publicly. Let’s hope they pull the rest along with them, and movie producers get the message, event organizers learn the value of respect, and toymakers get around to making toys for all the girls and boys.

Click over to see who makes the short-list.


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