Michelle Bachmann and the meaning of hypothetical

Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District is represented by the famously brazenly famous Michelle Bachmann. Recently, the Congresswoman said this:

“I think the president, even by executive order, could again wave his magic wand before 2014 and he’d say now all of the new, legal Americans are going to have voting rights. Why do I say that? He did it in 2012! Do you remember? Anyone who was here as a Latina under, ah, age 30, he said, ‘You get to vote.’ What? He decides you get to vote? If he did it 2012, know — take it to the bank — he’ll do in 2014.”

This is non-sense. President Obama did not give voting rights to Latinas under the age of 30 before the 2012 election. This did not happen. It’s completely false and pretty much everyone knows it. In a rare acknowledgment of the Congresswoman’s fabricational tendencies, her office released this statement:

“The point the Congresswoman was making was a hypothetical one given an ongoing theme of the Obama presidency—selective enforcement of laws. President Obama magically creates or delays laws out of political convenience—as we saw with his unilateral decision to change deportation laws before the 2012 election and to delay the Obamacare employer mandate until after the 2014 elections. Given this track record of unilaterally declaring law, what is to keep President Obama from disregarding Congress and the law again by providing executive amnesty, which would mean automatic access to citizenship and voting status?”

This is infuriating. Denying reality is well-within the accepted realm of Bachmann behavior. But denying the meaning of our words? Too far.

The point Michelle Bachmann was making was not a hypothetical. Hypotheticals have to do with making prescriptions for the future. You cannot argue that Barack Obama hypothetically has already given the right to vote to Latinas under the age of 30 in 2012. That doesn’t make sense.

Bachmann continued that President Obama “has a perpetual magic wand and nobody’s given him a spanking yet and taken it out of his hand.” Seriously.

Besides being totally condescending and talking to our President like he’s five years old, Bachmann appears very interested in Barack Obama’s magic wand. What do you think his core is, dragon-heart string? You cannot deny, Obama’s got power.


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