together at last: Batman and Superman

I really cannot believe this is going to happen.

“ reported that we will be in for a treat as Warner Bros. opts to take the “Man of Steel” sequel up a notch. The big announcement was made in front of 6,000 people inside Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, Batman and Superman will pair up in a new movie as the follow up to “Man of Steel.”

Batman. Superman. Fighting. Each other. Movie magic. This is a tall order for Zack Snyder, who’s movies are decidedly uneven. I’m sure it’ll go fine. Right?

We know the role of Batman will not played be Christian Bale, so the question of the moment is, who’s gonna be the Bat? The internets are aflutter to answer that question. On that front only thing’s for sure, it won’t be me.

It looks like Warner Bros. are finally getting the DC Universe organized for the big-screen in the post-Dark Knight era. Hollywood Reporter says the 2015 Superman 2 (which will be the Superman/Batman team-up this post is about) will be followed up by a Flash feature in 2016 and a Justice League in 2017. Now all DC needs to figure out is how in the world to make Wonder Woman.


Alex Ross’ Justice League.


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