Fiona Apple reunites with PT Anderson

Fiona Apple has teamed up with P.T. Anderson for the video of her song Hot Knife. Hot Knife, coincidentally, is among the best tracks from Apple’s excellent 2012 album, The Idler Wheel…

They make a great team, and it’s a tremendous music video, a rare phrase these days.

I’ve always admired Fiona Apple for her frank individual presentation and openness regarding her physical and mental trials. Apple may not be sweet and likable and everyone’s perfect pop artist, for that we should thank her. She’s a brazen role model. I recommend her interview with Marc Maron on WTF for more on that.

Fans of these two artists will know they were previously romantically coupled.

One of the great moments of DVD bonus features I’ve ever encountered comes at the very end of a long documentary on the filming of Magnolia. After the film’s premier brought a round of easy and inaccurate criticisms, there is a domestic scene of the two, in which Apple is dancing in short bursts, and after each Anderson shouts the criticisms of Magnolia at her performance.

It’s a very strange and wonderful moment that I will forever remember when either comes to mind. I love both of these artists.

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