Thor: The Dark World

As a Minnesota boy of Norwegian descent, Thor was always my fave. I loved Thor. I loved that reading Thor provided all the adventure of Thor and all the mythology of the adventurous Norse ancestors that I pretended were somewhere in my family history. I’ve even begun collecting a Thor Volume 1 run for my own son, now 2-months old, who will likely inherit his father’s interest in mythology and Thor.

As such, two years ago I watched the big-screen Thor with great enthusiasm and eagerness. At the time I wrote that Thor was “incomprehensible madness of the best sort,” and I think that holds up.

Now comes Thor: The Dark World.

Hopefully it’s better than Brannagh’s massive mess.  I can’t get enough Tom Hiddleston as Loki, so, at least we’ll have that.

Here’s a poster, featuring Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster suited up Asgardian style. Which is awesome.

(comic book movie)


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