we do not want a Buffy movie, people.

This cannot go un-addressed here.


While promoting her new television show, The Crazy Ones, in an interview with E!, Sarah Michelle Gellar was asked whether she would ever do a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.

Here’s Ms. Gellar: “Joss and I always talk about [a movie]. But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film. And I mean, we had such miles to overcome when we were trying to do a TV show based on a movie. And one of the reasons is that the story works better over time.”

This is so correct you probably want to take another moment to think it over. Consider Buffy, the show, and the many things that make the show brilliant. Consider how you could possibly re-capture the magics, today, in a single movie.

It’s 10 years later, and the life of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has shown no signs of slowing. The impact of the show on pop culture cannot really be overestimated. The only reason to make a Buffy movie would be to make a movie. Why risk it?

It’s all fun to fantasize over, but let’s leave off a call for a Buffy movie and recognize what we have been given, which is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the greatest horror-comedy-genre television program of all time. That’s right. Greatest.

Gellar added, as one must do: “If there was ever the right story, we would do it.”

This line is showing up, around the blogs, as evidence that perhaps a movie is in the cards. It’s isn’t, and it shouldn’t be.  Besides, Joss Whedon is currently running the most expansive movie franchise of the moment. I doubt he has the time for a Buffy movie.


5 responses to “we do not want a Buffy movie, people.

  1. Absolutely correct, there should be no Buffy movie. Besides, if people want more Buffy there are the Season 8 and 9 comics based on Joss’s stories. I think people look at Serenity and think that the same method could be applied to all shows, when that simply isn’t true.

  2. I agree, I just cannot see it working. As much as I adore BTVS, and also Angel, I would not like to see a movie project, whether a reunion or a reboot. Angel would have worked as a movie simply to wrap some loose ends and provide a bit of closure due to the cancellation, but only if it had been done in a timely manner. That moment in time has passed.

    • You’re right. The time has passed, and the series doesn’t ask for a movie. It’s got what I consider to be a fulfilling conclusion, and the life goes on in the excellent season 8 Dark Horse comics for those of us who can’t get enough.
      I struggle to see how it could be done well.
      (if for some reason Whedon ever decides to try, though, I’m sure I’ll forgive him).

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