5 characters you love on TV that would be the best in real life.

The opposite of yesterday’s list. You love these folks in their fictional world, and you’d love them in the real world, too. I was surprised to find this list more difficult to construct than the Worst list. That’s interesting. Maybe.

5. Marshall and Lily. 

A man who loves his wife this much is a worthy companion. And he’s from Minnesota and wears it proudly. What more need I say? Though he’s spent an awful lot of time with Ted Mosby, this appears not to have impacted him for the worse.

Lily, well, she rocks.

4. Xander

You can’t buy that kind of love and loyalty. It’s worth all the trouble to have loyal friends around (though with this group we must admit that there is a LOT of accompanying trouble involved). But not really from Xander.  He ain’t perfect but he sure is willing to stick by his friends. Having Xander around has pretty much no downside.

(I originally had Willow and Xander. But if Willow was real, the potential downside was just too large to make the list. *Spoiler Example).

3. Brad

So sad Happy Endings was cancelled. It was my favorite brand of weird and funny and just shy of ridiculous. I don’t know what it is about Brad. I just wish I could spend every day with him. The shtick may be a little thick sometimes, but he’s a good man, quick to laugh and loves a good prank.

If Brad was a real person, I imagine he’d be the good version of the evil that is Barney Stinson. Tell me he wouldn’t make your day better. Try and tell me that.

2. Starbuck

This may seem a difficult one to picture, since Starbuck in BSG spent most of her time fighting everyone, or locked up as a result. But given that the human race was not on the verge of extinction and in a constant state of war, I think Starbuck would be a tremendous person. She’s a model of the value of toughness and fortitude, enjoys a wild time as well as a quiet night, and won’t take shit from anyone.

She may be a bit…unpredictable, but her anger is virtuous. Who’d you rather have on your side?

1. Liz Lemon

Her life is a total mess. A vortex of carnage which sucks in too many bystanders. But we all know it’s true: to know Liz Lemon would be to love Liz Lemon.

She’s funny, caring, loves solving her friends’ problems, and doesn’t mind making a fool of herself in the service of her peers. Liz Lemon, we wish we knew ye.

**Honorable Mention goes to Matt Saracene. It ain’t easy being QB1, but his eyes are open.


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