Is Heritage Foundation even trying?

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative DC-based think tank whose work I’ve written of elsewhere, is starting a campaign to stop Obamacare. This is not a surprise, and it’s unlikely to succeed.

In this campaign Heritage has attempted to create an online meme around #stopobamacare.

To get this started, they released the following image.

heritageRIPDThis latest endeavor speaks to the Heritage Foundation as a whole: plenty of time and no idea what to do with it. Like the Heartland Institute’s billboard campaign on global warming, this is another cheap ploy demonstrating little understanding of just what they are doing. Starting an internet meme is no easy feat, and rarely do they unfold as they were intended.

Doing so by Instagramming a message to stop Obamacare, creating a hashtag and adding it to an out-of-context image from R.I.P.D., one of the summer’s worst reviewed films that almost no one saw?

We can only presume that Heritage is hoping to get those attention-span challenged youths interested in the Obamacare fight by cluelessly pandering to no one. And they’ve shown just how equipped they are to match their opponents. If this was the strategy thought up by the communications team at Heritage, it’s time to just throw in the towel.

The whole thing’s offensive. Not because of the opposition to Obamacare (reasonable people can differ on that), or because of the political use of gun imagery (though it’s usually best avoided), or because Jeff Bridges is a supporter of the President (surprise).

But because it’s just so damn lazy.


2 responses to “Is Heritage Foundation even trying?

  1. But…. but…. but…. Jeff Bridges… looking like Colonel Sanders… with sci-fi guns…. how can you say no to that? Clearly I need to rethink the entirety of my political views because of this picture. Meanwhile, I should repost it everywhere I can, right?

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