Ben Affleck, Bruce Wayne, and Bats

While I was off on vacation, it appears that Ben Affleck was cast to play Batman in the next Man of Steel film. This was another bit of casting news that caught me by surprise.


The Affleck as Batman news seems to have created a certain amount of annoyance among individuals who have perhaps too recently seen Daredevil, or just don’t like Ben Affleck (there are a lot of people in this latter category).

Not me, though. I’ve always been an Affleck supporter. Since Dazed and Confused and Chasing Amy and Goodwill Hunting (a performance completely under-valued by audiences). I understand perhaps the difficulty of seeing Affleck in the Batsuit. Here’s something to remember, though, when you think about the Bats: he’s Bruce Wayne. Just Bruce Wayne with really expensive toys. And what about Ben Affleck doesn’t compute as a possible Bruce Wayne?

Affleck’s very handsome, very rich, and very famous. His life was lived in tabloids for years. His relationships are fodder for the nation. He seems well-liked by his peers but not loved by the populace. He combines a frat-boy/pretty-boy/play-boy persona with a personality quite capable of harboring deep dark secrets that weigh down the soul. The man has secrets.  Like: he’s a kick-ass director of high-quality Hollywood thrillers, a genre almost totally ignored these days. For all these years, it turns out, Affleck’s been harboring his secret identity behind boring performances in mediocre movies.

You’ve seen the pictures he’s directed. You didn’t know he had that in him. What’s more Bruce Wayne than that?

Now, he’ll be Batman. And that may be terrible.

But it’s not hard to see Affleck as a capable Bruce Wayne.


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