4 Takeaways from Metacon 2013

I’ve got a post over at Hothouse on Metacon, for those interested in the convention world, Eric Roberts, or Futurama’s future…

The local Twin Cities nerd-life convention, Metacon, took place this last weekend in Minneapolis. A few thousand attendees, a majority of whom cosplay the event, came together to engage in the warm glow of anime, gaming, craft tables, Power Rangers and Eric Roberts.

Here are the 4 most interesting things I learned while attending Metacon 2013.

4. The reach of cultural niches like anime, manga and steampunk is truly expansive. This isn’t news for any of us who inhabit the internet. But I never quite realized how true this was until interviewing steampunks from Bismark, ND and their anime cosplaying counterparts from rural Iowa.

Read the rest over at Hothouse


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