By Keeping Gay Marriage out of Batwoman, D.C. Loses Creative Team

From The Mary Sue:

J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman announced late last night that, after having given the matter much thought, they have decided that they can no longer work under their current state of editorial interference, and will be walking off DC’s Batwoman title as of issue #26. Batwoman, a perrennial GLAAD award nominee, is also the first superhero title at Marvel or DC to feature a lesbian character in the lead. Williams and Blackman have said they were upset at long outlined and communicated plot events being overturned by editorial at the last minute, but the one that bothered them most was DC prohibiting them from ever showing series lead Kate Kane actually marrying her fiancée Maggie Sawyer.”

It’s time for DC to get out of their own way on this one. Nothing’s more difficult to find than quality talent capable of telling moving stories. Interference that leads to losing that talent rarely (never?) pays off. And fear of gay marriage in the DC house is sure to take them nowhere. The value of our heroes is not in their orientations, but in their capacity for heroism in a dangerous world.  That Kate Kane happens to be a lesbian should not create any ripples among the bosses overseeing the DC Universe. Diversity of all kinds is a value in our universe, and it should in DC’s, too.

The loss of Williams and Blackman at DC Comics can’t be untied from another tumultuous DC relationship with Orson Scott Card. The notoriously homophobic Card’s Superman was put on hold earlier this year, led to the illustrator quitting the job, and is now in limbo. The film adaptation of Ender’s Game has been surrounded by controversy due to Card’s anti-gay and lesbian work.

After all the bad press, boycotts, and controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card, one must wonder at DC’s decision to restrict its most famous homosexual hero from marriage.


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