Introducing: THE STAKE

I’ve officially launched a new project called The Stake.


The Stake is a popular culture blog magazine that focuses on social issues and the impact of popular culture on the culture at large. Along with a healthy dose of news and commentary and all things nerd-culture, and even a daily GIF.

The readership here at TTMY has grown as I’ve been writing more and more about genre and pop culture. And as The Stake is a project I’ve been planning a while, I hope some of you will join us over there and follow that blog too.

The crew of contributors over at The Stake are going to be doing even better stuff than I am here. So if you’ve enjoyed TTMY, I know you’ll like what happens over there.

And I also know some of the readers here are also bloggers on these issues. We’re looking for contributors to write about TV, Comics, Gaming, Media, and Movies.  If you’d like to write, think about that, too.

TTMY will continue as my own personal blog. Most of the pop culture stuff from this point will move over to The Stake.

So, cheers, and we’ll see you at The Stake.


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