Marriage Equality For Minnesota? You Betcha! May 16/2013 YES! Magazine

Will You Speak Before I am Gone? May/2010 Camas: Nature of the West

Revival of the Pedestrian Mall: Successful Models for Missoula, Montana June/2010 Missoula Inst. of Sustainable Transportation

Like the Sparks Fly Up Fall-Spring 2009/2010

Environment of American Environmentalism Dec/2008

Column at Hothouse Magazine: 

Genre Men of Dignity Jun 11/2013

Jason Collins and Identifying Spaces May 4/2013

The Host and Reflective Failure April 6/2013

the narrative dilemmas of the Keystone XL Pipeline Feb 20/2013

Advertising Americana at the Super Bowl Feb 6/2013

A Circle with no Point Jan 24/2013

The Year of Living (carbon) Dangerously Jan 2/2013

Atheism and Advent Dec 11/2012

Earth, Mars, and Human Curiosity Nov 28/2012

The Frankenstorm Post I’m not Writing Oct 30/2012

Autumn, Rejoice Oct 25/2012

How my life reflects the great cosmos of the universe, or, This is called blogging Sep 7/2012

Some ruminating generalizations on the odd summer of 2012 Aug 22/2012

The Limits of the Human Scale July 4/2012

Why not apathy? May 22/2012

The Heartland Institute and being likened to Charles Manson May 9/2012

The Hunger Games Unintentional Celebration of Wild Spaces May 1/2012

Fleeing to the woods, or, Giving Thoreau his bite back April 24/2012

On Looking April 17/2012

How Much Does it Cost to be Moved by Nature? April 10/2012

Gardening and the Springs of Climate Change April 3/2012

Some Thoughts on Human Tragedy March 27/2012

The Way We (wish) We Were March 20/2012

Kirabati? Where’s That? March 13/2012

The Absurd, Unfortunate Death of the Senator March 6/2012

Everything we know is Stardust Feb 28/2012

Ruminations of a Northern Conservationist in Southern Florida Feb 21/2012

Disorienting Nature of Reality Feb 14/2012

That isn’t Background Noise, That’s Reality Banging on the Door Feb 7/2012

Floating in Space Jan 31/2012

The Micro and the Macro: Contextualizing Climate Out Your Window Jan 24/2012

Broken Analogies and Climate Change Jan 19/2012

If you really want to put the work in, Print Only:

Will You Speak Before I am Gone? May/2010 Camas: Nature of the West

Religion is both inward and outward: Claudius and Protestant conscience in Hamlet 2007. DePaul University.

My first two articles submitted cold, and published (for posterity)

Indie Filmmaker Darren Doane: A Profile  2001 Real Magazine (reproduced in The Ooze, 2002).

Life in The Grey Zone May/2003 (I did not write the last sentence of this review, and to this day, it cracks me up).


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